New year, new us

The last entry on this blog were Christmas wishes (and I sincerely hope that they come true). The period after Christmmas, and the few first days of the new year, Almighty and I spent quite busy. As you probably noticed, the blog has taken a new look. Gone are also some older entries and we … [Read more…]

Blog of the Year

As you have noticed, this year we go our courage up and Raven’s Kitchen has been submitted to the contest Blog of the Year. The worst is behind us, but to be able to be assessed by the esteemed jury, we need your, dear readers, vote. Voting is done by sending an SMS to a … [Read more…]

Merry Christmas

  On the occasion of Christmas, we wish you all the best, tastiest and healthiest. Many culinary discoveries – old and new. Thank you that you were with us and quietly we wish ourselves for you  to come back and to enjoy our work. Merry Christmas and a tasty tradition 🙂 Blue Raven and Almighty … [Read more…]

Tola – grind the diamond heart

Hi! I’m Tola. My mom tells me Diamencik (Diamond). However, my heart is very sick – to became real diamond it has to be grind and only then real damonds shine. When I was at my mom’s tummy, Lady Doctor upset my parents and my whole family very much. It turned out that my heart … [Read more…]